Smiley Chan realises his dream in Australia

“Smiley, your day is today!” The race caller, a familiar voice on TV, was in an aroused mood celebrating Smiley’s maiden win as a race horse trainer. (watch the race video here)

Cape Etoile accelerated to win by 9 lengths, but it wasn’t before many near misses over almost 4 years, losing by a nose at times. Smiley has won 4 races in 2020, including the Horsham 70 points handicap with his best horse Pierro Belle, earning a ticket to his first city race. Smiley had finally proven himself.

Smiley, 39, was an ordinary bank customer support staff from Hong Kong. Grew up in a typical middle class family, his passion for the sport took him to Australia. He perfected his skills after years of hard work at Terry O’Sullivan’s stable.

Smiley now owns and operates his own stable in Cranbourne Victoria. It wouldn’t be possible had he stayed in Hong Kong. The racing circuit there only issues licenses for 15 local trainers, with 15 more from overseas, usually an international all stars line up.

“Happy horses race better.”

It is in Smiley’s philosophy that happiness brings speed. He prefers not to rush things, taking his horses to daily walk and swim near his Cranbourne stable, all his horses are well looked after and monitored.

I am an outsider to racing. But I can see dedication and truck loads of passion from this fine young man. It is impressive to see people leaving their comfort zones to chase dreams. It isn’t easy to leave the boom and bust of a big city for a small Victorian town, waking up before dawn for a day of hard labour, day after day, year after year. This is the racing version of a future star living humbly in Hollywood.

Smiley and Antarctic Ocean

To contact Smiley:,+61423269687

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